How I Started A Money Making Blog

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Welcome, everyone! I am glad that you are here! I would like to tell you about how I started blogging. I believe that things happen for a reason. I also believe that things that are meant to be will come to you and you will just know that is what you are supposed to do.

Well, that is what happened to me. I am scrolling through Facebook and an ad catches my attention. I don’t normally stop on an ad. This ad was different. It caught my attention and I had a feeling that I was supposed to click on it. So I did.

I am SO glad I did because here I am today writing to you about how you can earn money and learn all the ins and outs of blogging without all the research. Without all the trial and errors. Without all the frustration and wanting to give up.

blogging blast off

Heather and Pete Reese from Its A Lovely Life is whos ad I clicked on. They are experienced bloggers who have been blogging for 12 years and have learned all the ins and outs of blogging and they will share it with you if you sign up for their course here.

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My Battle With Cancer Part 3- Where I am Now

Before reading part 3 read part 1 and part 2

March 2015

I was excited to finally be free of chemo. although I would find out later that I would feel the effects of chemo for a long time. I thought that once I was done with Chemo that magically everything would be back to where I was before all this cancer stuff happened. Well, I was wrong.

I have been having CAT scans every 6 months since December of 2011. Every 6 months I would have to drink that nasty barium drink and not eat or drink anything that morning. I was always anxious every time I had a cat scan I was always afraid that there would be a sign of cancer.

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My Battle With Cancer Part 2- Surgeries

Check out My Battle With Cancer Part 1-My Life Turned Upside Down. It is the beginning of my journey with cancer. It is about how it all started. Read Part 1 first.

The Surgery

When I woke from surgery I was in and Intensive Care Unit. I had my surgery on a Saturday but I don’t remember much of anything, I remember only bits and pieces. I do remember being thirsty. They would not let me have any water. I remember my daughter walking in. But I don’t remember any conversation. I remember my son being there, but only in bits and pieces.

I do remember them wheeling me into a regular room. I was so confused about what was going on. I knew I had surgery and that I had made it through the surgery, which was questionable before surgery.

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Tell Buttercup He Is A Cat

Meet Buttercup



Meet Buttercup. He came to us as a kitten that was taken to the humane society by someone who found him in the road. He was about 2 months old. I offered to take him. He was covered in fleas. He had a flea bath at the humane society but I gave him another bath where I used dawn dish soap. Buttercup did not like the bath but I don’t like fleas. Like magic, the fleas died. I did have a few scratches on me from Buttercup.

The fleas were gone and after he ate he laid on my daughter’s lap and fell asleep. He slept all evening up until time for her to go to bed. He was such a lovable cat. He liked to snuggle next to our face. He would rub his face on ours and purr. Then fall asleep.

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TeTe Change Can Happen

The Beginning

Meet TeTe

TeTe came to us from a friend of mine who could not take care of her with him working so much. I would go over to his house and feed TeTe and let her outside for a little bit. She was in a kennel the rest of the time. She was not a people dog. She was afraid of everyone and would bark from a distance. It took me a few years of letting her out and feeding her that she would tolerate me being around but would not come close unless I had a cookie for her and then it was to just take it and run away. If I would sit down she would walk near me and finally let me pet her as she walked by.

Her first night at my house

She came over in the early evening to live with us. She was scared and shaking so my daughter and I sat on the floor next to her. We talked to her and slowly was petting her. She was so jumpy and the slightest movement would scare her and she would run. We sat very still, talking to her and petting her.

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Bandit The Crazy Cat

Bandit, why are you so crazy?

Meet Bandit the crazy cat

We rescued Bandit living with 10 other cats and owners that didn’t want him. Bandit was about 3 months (now he is 3) and the only thing he knew was to go in the litter box. Other than that we had to teach this crazy cat some rules. He was stubborn but a spray bottle filled with water and a quirt or two he would eventually learn some house rules.

Don’t climb my curtains and stay off my counter!!

Bandit would climb my curtains and scratch my blinds to where they had to be replaced. I don’t think this cat had any teaching at all. So here comes the spray bottle. Every time he went up my curtains I would squirt him with water.

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Meet Baby the Chorkie

Meet Baby The Chorkie

Baby 2 months old

Isn’t she cute? My daughter thinks so. Baby is my daughter’s dog. Baby came to us in September 2014 at 6 weeks old. She was so tiny she fit in the palm of my hand. My daughter taught her a few tricks. Like sit, down (lay down), pretty (where she sit up on her bottom and curls her paws), stay, drop it (drop whatever is in her mouth). She was potty trained in no time.

Baby sitting pretty

I taught her to walk behind me, I hate being tripped. She was so little that she could just run under the couch to hide and back out with no problems at all. That is where she hides whenever she hears thunder. oh, she hates thunder, she shakes so bad. My daughter gets a little blanket and wraps her up tight like a little papoose, and holds her.

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Back To School- Clothes, Supplies and Schedule

How To Organize Back To School

Is it that time already? I hear several friends say they can’t wait until the kids go back to school so they can have a little time to relax. Well, not me! My daughter is 15 now and I have never felt I was in a rush for her to go back to school. Maybe it is because I only have one child at home, maybe because I am single and it is only her and I at home, or maybe it’s because I miss her. I do miss her when she is in school and I can’t wait for her to get home and tell me about her day. Let me remind you that she is now a teenager with a teenager attitude. She thinks I am being nosy and want to know her business. Well, that is not the case, I just miss her.

Let’s talk about the what we need to do.

  • clothes
  • school supplies,
  • write out the schedule of classes
  • locker number and combination,
  • times to get up in the morning
  • time to go to bed
  • after school practices.

First, let’s figure this all out.

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Trip to Kauai Hawaii

First Time Seeing The Ocean

Growing up in the midwest I never had an opportunity to see the ocean. I would hear others talk about the beauty of some beaches on the ocean. It has always been my dream to see the ocean. That did not happen until I was 49 years old.

We traveled to the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Which is an island that is up and coming to become a tourist island. The flight from Illinois took up a whole day. Needless to say, it was exhausting just flying on a plane, changing planes in San Francisco, California before on to Kauai. The time difference is 5 hours early than home. That was confusing.

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Trip To Chattanooga, Tennessee


Tennessee is Beautiful


Smokey Mountains

I absolutely love nature. I love to sit and look at, breath in the fresh air, it is so peaceful and relaxing. Tennessee Smokey mountains beauty is mesmerizing. I did not want to leave when it was time to go home.

We staying in a cabin in the mountains just outside of the National park of the Smokey Mountains, for 5 beautiful days. It was a treacherous road (not a well-maintained road)getting to the cabin, going up and up till we were at the last cabin. Surrounded by trees and the smell of fresh air. Oh, I loved it already.

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