Tell Buttercup He Is A Cat

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Meet Buttercup



Meet Buttercup. He came to us as a kitten that was taken to the humane society by someone who found him in the road. He was about 2 months old. I offered to take him. He was covered in fleas. He had a flea bath at the humane society but I gave him another bath where I used dawn dish soap. Buttercup did not like the bath but I don’t like fleas. Like magic, the fleas died. I did have a few scratches on me from Buttercup.

The fleas were gone and after he ate he laid on my daughter’s lap and fell asleep. He slept all evening up until time for her to go to bed. He was such a lovable cat. He liked to snuggle next to our face. He would rub his face on ours and purr. Then fall asleep.

Buttercup has been neutered like Bandit our other cat. He has not yet been microchipped but that is on the schedule of things to do.

You are not a dog!

Not long after we got Buttercup he started doing strange things. I believe that he thinks he is a dog. When I let TeTe and Baby outside Buttercup came running and lays in the doorway with his nose in the corner of the screen door. The first few times I didn’t think anything of it. But it has been 2 years now and he still does it.

Why? I have no idea. When I open the door he doesn’t try to go outside. I open the door Buttercup backs up and lets the dogs in ( more like he moves so the dogs don’t run him over). Buttercup won’t move from the doorway until I tell Buttercup to “come on” then he moves. Just like I tell the dogs, “come on” when they are outside.

Buttercup loves to lay in an open screened window. He watches the birds and the squirrels and whatever else moves. Then he will go to sleep on the window sill. He sometimes has to share the window sill with Bandit, the other cat, and Baby, the little chorkie.

Buttercup sleeping

Buttercup Loves To Play And Sleep

Buttercup is playful, he loves to lay on the arm of the couch and smack everyone that walks by, people and animals. He likes my daughter’s hair ties. He will go into her room and steal them and then my daughter has to chase Buttercup around to get he hair tie. For some reason, Buttercup will put the hair ties in the water bowl.

Buttercup loves water for some reason. He will jump on the edge of the bathtub when there is water running. When he drinks from the water bowl he will not lick the water directly from the bowl. He puts his paw in the bowl, gets it wet then licks water off of his paw.

Bandit and Buttercup

Buttercup’s daily schedule, eat, sleep, potty, play, sleep, sleep, and play. Buttercup likes to get up in the middle of the night and play. While everyone is trying to sleep, he is making more noise than the dogs do. He knocks things over and onto the floor if it is in his way. Especially near his food bowl which is on top of the dryer. The dogs like to eat cat food so I had to put it up on the dryer where they could not reach.

Buttercup sleeping again

Buttercup has some strange sleeping habits. Other than sleeping all the time. He will pick the laundry basket of clean clothes and sleeps on them. It drives me crazy. I get the clothes out of the dryer and set them down and 2 minutes later he is in the basket sleeping. He will sleep in the middle of the hallway. In the living room in the middle of the floor. He will also sleep on the back of the couch. Actually, he will sleep anywhere that he decides to just lay down and go to sleep.

Buttercup does like to snuggle up in my arm when I go to bed and sleep for a while like that, but then he is up getting into mischief.

Of course, most cats are like that. They sleep all the time. Eat, sleep, play, potty every day.


Nope, Don’t Touch Me

Buttercup is shy around strangers, he will run into the other room and not come out until that person leaves. It takes several times of coming over to my house for Buttercup to get used to someone. The other animals we have loves everyone, strangers and the ones they know.

Buttercup does not like to be touched or held or even petted by any stranger. He wants to be left alone. He will emerge from his hiding place when he is ready to meet a stranger. Otherwise, leave him alone.

Once Buttercup gets used to being around you then he will come out and let you pet him. He loves to be petted especially under his chin. He will snuggle with you and fall asleep on you. Watch his whiskers because they will tickle and I think he does that on purpose.

I am Moody

Buttercup gets along with our other animals but he would rather not hang around with them (unless he wants to). TeTe has gotten scratched on her nose because she thought Buttercup wanted to play. When Buttercup decides he wants to rub up against TeTe, she will stand there not moving at all and wait until Buttercup gets done. I think TeTe is confused. One minute Buttercup wants to rub up against TeTe and the next she will scratch her.

When the food bowl is running low then Buttercup will meow and get our attention so I go fill up the bowl. Buttercup looks at the now full food bowl and then she jumps down while Bandit jumps up and starts eating. I think Buttercup knew that Bandit doesn’t like the food bowl to run low.

Buttercup is a strange cat at times but we love him.

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  1. Holly Bird
    October 24, 2018

    Cute post!! Your kitties are so cute!

    1. kathy phillips
      October 26, 2018

      Thank you.


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