Trip to Kauai Hawaii

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First Time Seeing The Ocean

Growing up in the midwest I never had an opportunity to see the ocean. I would hear others talk about the beauty of some beaches on the ocean. It has always been my dream to see the ocean. That did not happen until I was 49 years old.

We traveled to the island of Kauai, Hawaii. Which is an island that is up and coming to become a tourist island. The flight from Illinois took up a whole day. Needless to say, it was exhausting just flying on a plane, changing planes in San Francisco, California before on to Kauai. The time difference is 5 hours early than home. That was confusing.

I did see the ocean from the plane, but not until the plane was coming in for a landing in Kauai that I really got to see the ocean. It was amazing and I couldn’t wait to stick my feet into the salty ocean. I found out later that you cannot walk through the sand to get to the beach.

You have to run because the sand is so HOT it will burn your feet. Well sensitive feet like mine, that is not used to going barefoot very often.

Kauai, Hawaii

I was amazed at the beauty of the ocean even on a cloudy day. The smell was one of the bests smells my nose has had a chance to enjoy. But it really didn’t smell like anything in particular just smelled good.

Kauai, Hawaii

Snorkeling over a Coral reef was just so unbelievable. As long as you stayed above the sharp edges of the coral reef it was beautiful. My daughter and I held hands as we floated around looking at all the cool fish and their vibrant colors. I lifted my head above water every couple minutes to make sure we weren’t drifting out too far. I did realize that where the water got darker from looking from above water, that was where the coral reef ended and to stay away from that.  I did see holes in the bottom on shallow areas and I hoped that was not a hole for a snake to come out. No, I do not like snakes.

Kauai, Hawaii

We went to another area of Kauai and went swimming in the ocean in an area the was sectioned off in the ocean by large rocks that were pilled up making a perimeter in the ocean. So that tourists are able to swim in the water safely, especially ones like me that are not used to the ocean, without the worry of the unpredictable ocean. The area we swam in was filled with small ocean fish like little barracuda and other small fish. It was like getting the experience of the ocean only safely. As you can see in the picture below.

Kauai, Hawaii
Rocks forming boundary

I could still feel what the oceans were like. While I was sitting at the water’s edge I was knocked completely over by a wave. I saw the wave coming but did not expect to be knocked over. We got a good laugh out of that one.

Later in the day, the locals had come out to enjoy the ocean. They were on the other side of the rocks where there was no safety. They had children, young and old, swimming in the ocean and they were having a blast. I guess if you are used to the ocean you can respect its power and learn how to swim in the rough ocean.

As I sat there watching them I come to realize that this is something they must do a lot by their actions. The way they watch the next wave carefully. Although I was scared because there were little kids in the water, they knew exactly what to do. I was so amazed by this. It was at this time that I realized the reason they did not show up till later in the day was that the sun was a scorcher. Sunblock only helped minimally. I don’t care how much was put on and how often it was reapplied, you were going to feel the impact of the sun. Live and learn.

We stopped to check out the lighthouse. We were not able to get close but with a little zoom action, I did the best that I could.  The lighthouse was on a cliff outstretched toward the ocean. Below were rocks of all sizes and shapes. No matter what you look at, everything was beautiful.

Kauai, Hawaii

As you can tell in my photos, at one point on the trip my camera accidentally fell into the ocean when I slipped and almost fell. The camera was a very nice camera I had purchased six months before. Despite all my research, I could not salvage my camera. I did, however, salvage the SD card inside. It was a sad day for my camera. It was a sad day for me, my camera died and the only thing I had is my phone for pictures. There is a strap on the camera for a reason, to put it around your neck so that if you slip the camera will not fall into the water. Live and learn.

Rocks and trees

Kauai, Hawaii is a beautiful place, unlike anything I have seen before. It was a perfect place to experience. There are cattle that are raised right there on the island so there are a variety of choices for eateries, local food as well as inland food. I loved Hawaii and all its beauty. Rich in views and experiences for everyone to enjoy.

rocks and crab in the ocean

I am not sure what type of crab this was but he was so cute. I am sure he did not think the same of me while I am trying to take a picture of him.

I will definitely be returning to Hawaii. I might go back to Kauai since there is so much to see and do there. There have been many movies partially filmed or filmed on that particular island. There are caves I would like to explore too.

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